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On our knees for cycleway.

About 40 Rotarians from several Nelson and Richmond area clubs turned out again yesterday (8 June) to build more of the Tasman Great Taste Cycleway. Two more boardwalk sections over streams flowing into the Waimea estuary are now nearly complete, with just a bit of finishing work left to do. Once that is done, the cycle trail will be complete between Nelson airport and the far end of Rabbit Island. From there, a small ferry is available to take cyclists and pedestrians across to Mapua.

Well done, team!

BBQs at Rabbit Island


The Project is building the BBQs at Rabbit Island

Salvation Army


Begonia House

Built by Rotary Richmond in 1981.

Dellside Gazebo

Dellside Gazebo built by Rotary Richmond in 2001

Richmond Information Center

Richmond information center built by Rotary Richmond in 1989



  • Brightwater Wine and Foods

Brightwater wine and foods Festival

Brightwater Wine & Food Festival celebrates sensational sounds, wine, food, and summer.

Hold onto your holiday groove, grab a friend and head to the Brightwater Wine & Food Festival, for all-day entertainment, fantastic food, and award-winning wine and beer.

Set in a stunning vineyard location, Brightwater Wine and Food festival is all about local! For those partial to a glass of something classy in the sun, explore the best Nelson has to offer with our leading wineries, or snaffle a beer or cider from our stellar craft breweries.

For the foodies, there will be gourmet food stalls to explore. Entertainment line up coming soon.